7 Frauen working title

“7 Women“ is a Berlin collective of two musicians and five circus artists, founded in 2020. Anna-Katharina has previously worked with all seven artists in different projects. For the planned project she brought together exactly these women, in order to research with them and their respective skills leading to the development of an evening-filling stage piece.Meeting these women, one will quickly notice how different they are.Different in their appearance, their character traits, their art and their mode of expression. These differences are to be a special characteristic of the project.For the creation, research will involve finding artistic tools to stage inner processes of humans, such as thinking and feeling. For instance, a process like making an important decision. On the inside, there are different things happening to what becomes visible on the outside. We all know inner contradictions and dialogues with ourselves. How can we transform them into a stage moment and invite the audience to experience such rarely shared sensations together? Through a composition of movement, music, texts and the emerging images, the aim is to create a space for the audience, in which sensations become visible whilst everybody can follow their own thoughts and images.

The project is funded by the Fonds Darstellende Kunst 202. 

A premiere is planned for summer 2021 in Berlin. 


An empty space. A body. A mind. A violinResearch work about how do they influence each other. Using the Michael Chekhov technique as leading tool.