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Anna-Katharina Andrees
artist I mentor I producer 
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Anna-Katharina lives and works in Berlin.


Anna-Katharinas current work is the development of the circus and theatre piece NORA with the 7 Women Company, as well as research on the topic Aestehtics of Access. Both were funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste. 

Anna-Katharina is also an active teacher of the Michael Chekhov acting method in which she gives her own workshops YOUR CREATIVE SPACE and teaches at the Michael Chekhov International Academy. 

Anna-Katharina coaches and accompanies artists in their creative processes.Since 2021 Anna-Katharina is team member of BUZZ Berlin and mentor at the creative alliance Zirkus ON. 

She is founder and was the artistic director and producer of the Zentrum für bewegte Kunst e.V.- Circus Sonnenstich until 2020. For Circus Sonnenstich´s productions she collaborated with many different artists, theatres and festivals.The organisation and its Circus Sonnenstich, consisting of artists living with Trisomy 21, is producing contemporary circus shows and the educational programm IN.ZIRQUE® on inclusive circus pedagogy which 

In addition to her artistic work, Anna-Katharina has gained a lot of experience as a producer in the socio-cultural field. 

In her productions she is also involved in costume design, music production, stage & light concepts.

Through her experience at the ZBK e.V. Anna-Katharina is an expert for inclusion and specialized for coaching people with special needs at film and TV-sets

Anna-Katharina works permanently on her own artistic development with research and participation in performances, workshops and music production. 

She received her artistic education et al: European Theatre Institute Berlin, Michael Chekhov International Academy, Seneca Intensive Berlin, Rosalia Chladek®System Vienna.

SHOW CREATION • selection

(In cooperation with her team AK is responsible for artistic direction, costume design, music development and set.) 

• 2021 • 2222/ π, Kollektiv 404, Abschlussarbeit die Etage/ Berlin Circus Festival

• 2021 • NORA by 7women company 1st creation phase • contemporary circus & theatre (Internationales Frauen*Theaterfestival)

• 2019 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show KaraK (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2019 • Kulturfest Circus Sonnenstich (Säälchen Holzmarkt25 Berlin)

• 2018/ 2019 • Circus Sonnenstich • WABI-SABI eigenARTig-einzigARTig (Admiralspalast Studio, Jatka78 Prague, Berlin Circus Festival) 

• 2018 • Cabuwazi Treptow • SHAPESHIFTERS nature 

• 2018 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show TANDEM (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2017 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show einzigARTig (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2017 • Circus Sonnenstich Junior • DIE GEHEIMNISVOLLE(N)18 ( Theater Forum Kreuzberg) 

• 2016 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show ZU.HAUSE (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2015 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show 18 JAHRE (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2015 • Circus Akademie Berlin • COLORFUL WATER

• 2015 • Chamäleon Theater • host of the format OFFNIGHT

• 2014 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show SWITCH remixed (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2014 • Circus Akademie Berlin • BREATHE 

• 2014 • Circus Sonnenstich • SWITCH auss welt innen ( Theater Rambazamba, Theater Thikwa, Fabrik Potsdam)

• 2013 • Circus Sonnenstich • BEWEGTE BEGEGNUNGEN (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2013 • Circus Akademie Berlin • COME ON IN AND SMILE AS YOU PASS

• 2012 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show 15 JAHRE (Wintergarten Varité Berlin) 

• 2010 • Circus Sonnenstich • BEZIEHUNGS-WEISE (Theater Rambazamba, Theater Thikwa, CIRKO Helsinki, Festival KUFE 12) 

• 2000 - 2011 • various theatre & circus productions for youth 


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