Anna-Katharina lives and works in Berlin.


She is founder and artistic director of the Zentrum für bewegte Kunst e.V.- Circus Sonnenstich.

For Circus Sonnenstich´s productions she has been co-working with circus artists as: Stefan Sing, Cristiana Casadio, Johannes Dudek, Estrella Urban, Tjorm Palmer, Roman Škadra, Vanessa Lee and others, with musicians as Frank Dellé (Seeed), Annamateur, Dorothy Bird, Razzz and others.


Workshops - Teaching:

ZBK e.V.-IN.ZIRQUE®, Palestinien Circus School, Michael Chekhov International Academy in Berlin and Moscow,

Katapult Berlin, Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung Sachsen, Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Zirkuspädagogik, Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder-und Jugendbildung,  Circus Montelino, Seneca Intensiv, Upsala Zirk St.Petersburg, Cabuwazi Berlin, Circus Akademie Berlin

and others.

Since 2013 ZBK e.V.-Circus Sonnenstich is Partner of the Chamäleon Theatre Berlin and presents its show one time a year. 

Anna-Katharina coaches and accompanies artists in their creative processes - currently for Cia Omkara & for Rita & Rita

​In her productions she is also involved in costume design, music production and stage & light concepts.

​Through her experience at the ZBK e.V. Anna-Katharina is specialized for coaching people with special needs at film and TV-sets. 


Anna-Katharina works permanently on her own artistic development with research and participation in performances, workshops and music production. 


She received her artistic education et al: European Theatre Institute Berlin, Michael Chekhov International Academy, Seneca Intensive Berlin, Rosalia Chladek®System Vienna.

SHOWS CREATION • selection

( Anna-Katharina is responsible for artistic direction, costume design, music development and set > always in cooperation with her team): 

• 2019 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show KaraK (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2019 • Kulturfest Circus Sonnenstich (Säälchen Holzmarkt25 Berlin)

• 2018/ 2019 • Circus Sonnenstich • WABI-SABI eigenARTig-einzigARTig (Admiralspalast Studio, Jatka78 Prague, Berlin Circus Festival) 

• 2018 • Cabuwazi Treptow • SHAPESHIFTERS nature 

• 2018 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show TANDEM (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2017 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show einzigARTig (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2017 • Circus Sonnenstich Junior • DIE GEHEIMNISVOLLE(N)18 ( Theater Forum Kreuzberg) 

• 2016 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show ZU.HAUSE (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2015 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show 18 JAHRE (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2015 • Circus Akademie Berlin • COLORFUL WATER

• 2015 • Chamäleon Theater • host of the format OFFNIGHT

• 2014 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show SWITCH remixed (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2014 • Circus Akademie Berlin • BREATHE 

• 2014 • Circus Sonnenstich • SWITCH auss welt innen ( Theater Rambazamba, Theater Thikwa, Fabrik Potsdam)

• 2013 • Circus Sonnenstich • BEWEGTE BEGEGNUNGEN (Chamäleon Theater)

• 2013 • Circus Akademie Berlin • COME ON IN AND SMILE AS YOU PASS

• 2012 • Circus Sonnenstich • Gala Show 15 JAHRE (Wintergarten Varité Berlin) 

• 2010 • Circus Sonnenstich • BEZIEHUNGS-WEISE (Theater Rambazamba, Theater Thikwa, CIRKO Helsinki, Festival KUFE 12) 

• 2000 - 2011 • various theatre & circus productions for youth 


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