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NORA by 7 Women Company

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- 15. Juni 2024 guest performance Rydal Festival , Sweden
- 30.Juni 2024 guest performance in Nordhausen, Blue Balloon Festival

- 1.-7. July 2024 Residency at Tollhaus, Karslruhe

- 15./16.November 2024 Show at Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin

For Booking & Info for 2024/2025 please contact: Anna-Katharina Andrees, Production and direction @

A contemporary circus

1st creation phase in 2021- further creation since July 2023 -

ready  for touring from June 2024

6 women on stage. Live Music by Dorothy Bird.

60 minutes duration 

For Blackbox Theatre & Circus tent: 8m wide x 8m deep, min 5,50m height, 1 hanging point (central) for aerial artistry, sound system for live music.

Techrider & promo material are available.

We all know the process of decision, the inner dialogues, the fear of the jump, the courage of the nothing, the pleasure of uncertainty, the rediscovery and the new joy of life. And when we have made it and come to terms with it, we finally know that we don't know and will never know.

Anna-Katharina Andrees deals with one  emotional condition from life. The decision-making- process. She examined and visualized the different stages and inner states of such a process and searches for the movements and gestures. Who doesn't know it? - the considering, the inner dialogues, the fights - until we can finally verbally express our decision. But what happens in our deepest inner being over a longer period of time is rarely expressed. How can we share these invisible processes?
Can we translate these states into visible movements in order to better understand and classify them? The company deals with this and goes on a research to translate these states vividly on stage in the form of acrobatics (air and floor), theatre and live music.
The women who embody NORA are between 27-50 years old and very different. The most striking character qualities are the powerful, the humorous, the scurrile, the quiet, the structured, the soft and the tough. This description is for creation purposes only and is in no way meant to categorise the women. But character traits and artistic specialisation, each of them views a different state of being more intensely. They all go through the whole process. Together they are NORA, each is a part of how Nora feels.

This is a very personal work of Anna-Katharina Andrees, who herself went through such a process and with the founding of the company in 2020, among other things, decided to give her work a new focus. Her special interest is the merging of the Michael Chekov method with the language of artistry and contemporary circus.  

Cast: Julia Fiebelkorn aka Dorothy Bird, Estrella Urban (Handbalancing), Bronwen Pattison (Aerial Hoop, Contorsion),Tanja Stolting (Tissue) , Milena Schulz (Cyrwheel), Yoka Judith Rapp (Tissue)

Part of the cast in 1st creation phase: Annika Hemmerling (Mouthbalance, Dance Trapeze), Kathrin Wagner (Ring juggling), Aïssatou Casa (Aerial Rope)

Composition & live music: Dorothy Bird

Costume design: Bronwen Pattison

Set/stage design: Tomasz Bajsarowicz

Coaching: Ana Jordão, Oskar Mauricio, Annika Hemmerling

Outside eye: Roman Škadra,

Dramaturgical advice: Geordie Brookman

Assistance: Nica Storey

Mentoring by Zirkus ON: Ute Classen, Josa Kölbel

Photography: Stephane Le Breton

Author, director & producer: Anna-Katharina Andrees

Residencies 2021 & 2023/24: 


Tollhaus, Karlsruhe

Chamäleon Theatre Berlin

Katapult Berlin

KUBIZ Berlin

Pfefferberg Theater Berlin

Schloss Bröllin


NORA by 7 Women Company wird durch das Kreationsbündnis Zirkus ON begleitet. Zirkus ON wird gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien über das Programm Verbindungen fördern des Bundesverbandes Freie Darstellende Künste e.V..

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