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NORA by 7women company

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A contemporary circus theatre creation 2021

6 women on stage. Live Music by Dorothy Bird.

60-70 minutes duration 

For Blackbox Theatre: 10m wide x 8m deep, min 5m height,

2 hanging points (central and left) for aerial artistry,sound system for live music.

Techrider & promo material are available.

Founded by Anna-Katharina in 2020, the Berlin 7women company consists of 1 musician 5 female artists on stage as well as a production team.  Anna-Katharina has previously worked with all artists in different projects. For the project she brought together exactly these women, in order to research with them and their respective skills leading to the development of an evening-filling stage piece. Meeting these women, one will quickly notice how different they are. Different in their appearance, their character traits, their art and their mode of expression. These differences are to be a special characteristic of the project. For the creation, research will involve finding artistic tools to stage inner processes of humans, such as thinking and feeling. 

The creation NORA deals with different states of a long-lasting decision-making process through which life changes consistently.

We all know the process of decision, the inner dialogues, the fear of the jump, the courage of the nothing, the pleasure of uncertainty, the rediscovery and the new joy of life. And when we have made it and come to terms with it, we finally know that we don't know and will never know.

Anna-Katharina Andrees has studied the process in detail and divided it into 7 stages. Each of these stages has its own movement and dynamics.

The women have explored the 7 aspects and developed images, processes and conditions that show us a moment of NORA - the woman we could all be. 

The women work with dance, handstands, aerial artistry, balance and juggling, among other things. Accompanied by a live soundtrack, they create individual moments and let atmospheres and different states arise through themselves as a group.

Cast: Julia Fiebelkorn aka Dorothy Bird (Composition, live music), Estrella Urban (Handbalancing), Bronwen Pattison (Aerial Hoop, Contorsion), Aïssatou Casa (Aerial Rope), Milena Schulz (Cyrwheel, Hula Hoop, Annika Hemmerling (Mouthbalance, Dance Trapeze)

Part of the cast in 1st creation phase: Kathrin Wagner (Ring juggling)

Costume design: Bronwen Pattison

Set/stage design: Tomasz Bajsarowicz

Coaching/ Aristic Advisers: Ana Jordão, Oskar Mauricio, Roman Škadra,

Annika Hemmerling 

Assistance: Nica Storey

Photography: Stephane Le Breton

Idea & director: Anna-Katharina Andrees


The project was funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste 2021 #takeaction.

A premiere is planned for 2023 in Berlin.

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