Each workshop or coaching is created individually for the request of interest. 

Anna-Katharina teaches through movement and creative processes as improvisation, composition and choreographies. By coaching artists it is central to support the existing ideas and wishes of the artist. Together they find ways of implementation. Following workshops take place or can be asked for:

Formats and regular teaching:

• YOUR CREATIVE SPACE: A series of 6 workshops so far. Michael Chekhov´s Method for circus artists, training, choreography, composition, improvisation. Workshops take place at Katapult, Berlin.  

• MOVEMENT & ENSEMBLE: Open to everybody and all levels. Working with space, ensemble, awareness, body-mind connection and group-compositions.

• INDIVIDUAL COACHING / OUTSIDE EYE for CIRCUS ARTISTS & PERFORMERS: Please get in contact with your request.

• MICHAEL CHEKHOV INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY: Regular classes within the Intensive Program in Berlin and international

• SENECA INTENSIV, move& teach: Educational program for dance pedagogues, teaching inclusive pedagogics.

• IN.ZIRQUE® (ZBK): Educational program for circus pedagogues contains body & movement work, creation and composition in inclusive context.

• Die ETAGE, Schule für darstellende KünsteCircus School Berlin, faculty Research, Improvisation & creation (RIC)

If you are interested in a workshop please email with your request. 

Workshops can be created individually for the respective interest. 


Organise your artist friends as a group and plan a special workshop for your particular needs. Minimum of 6 participants in each group.

Email to enquire about Bespoken Workshops